Oriona Global Smart city integration solutions and services include public safety, digital signage / guidance, parking management, traffic management, energy management, solid waste management and Integrated Command Control Centre. With the increasing urban population, changing needs and the growing demands faced by various cities, there is a definite need to upgrade the Cities’ Infrastructure and Safety systems. Smart City is a solution that provides a way to enhance the city.

Drive Intelligent and Cost-effective

Urbanization with Smart City Solutions

Our smart city integration solutions enable intelligent network connectivity and edge processing solutions in cities across the globe.

Intelligent Traffic Management System

An IoT-based intelligent traffic management system and integration platforms that predicts an optimum route; reduces average waiting time, traffic congestion, determines travel cost and the extent of air pollution through machine learning algorithms.

Smart Street Parking Solutions

With the use of sensing devices such as cameras, vehicle counting equipment, sensors installed in pavements, etc. determine occupancy of the parking lot, and help prevent the drivers from spending too much time searching for off-street and on-street parking space.

Solid Waste Management Application

RFID based trash identification system and additional weight sensor for improved fill level estimation of collecting, treating, and disposing of solid material that is discarded and which can create unsanitary conditions and pollution. Automate the collection, transportation, storage and recycling of waste.

Integrated Command and Control Center

Integrated command and control centre to manage safety and surveillance of the city with Video walls for real-time monitoring, Emergency response system, Emergency call box and Panic button, Public Wi-Fi, CCTV Surveillance to host Smart Solutions for city’s Municipal Corporation.

Tech Stack

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