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Smart Home Automation Solutions

With our world-class IoT Automation solutions, you can now keep your home on your fingertips the same way you keep your smartphone. The Smart Home Automation System we provide has everything that you require to convert a simple home into the smart home such as Indoor security camera, door contact, motion & light sensors, switches, dimmers, sense-R (Smart thermostat), smart locks controlled by a single central hub.

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Our Smart Home Automation Solutions

With the Internet of Things, convert your living space into a smart home and take ultimate control of your home. With Home Automation Technology, you can know what’s happening inside your home at all times.

Smart Lighting

Automate your lighting, create a perfect ambiance and set all lighting conditions and hues as per your mood/needs with a single tap on your smartwatch. Also, it can automatically get adjusted as per natural lighting conditions.

Infallible Home Safety and Security

Monitor your house in real-time with smart home security solutions. IoT enabled set of door & window sensors, motion detectors, heat and smoke detector and video cameras can detect suspicious activities and alert the owner to prevent intruders.

Redefine lifestyle and Entertainment

Control music systems, televisions, audio-visual systems, enjoy your choice of music, movies, and shows at your preferred time –  everything with just a simple command on your smartphone to redefine your entertainment and enhance the quality of life.

Control Room Temperature and Change Scene

Smart home automation solutions, with the help of advanced sensors, enable you to make changes in the thermostat with just voice commands. Use your smartphone to automatically adjust each room’s temperature for optimal comfort and with utmost convenience.  The user can change the scene settings based on their requirement through voice command.

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