IoT Hardware solutions are smart devices that acquire, process, and communicate data to the Cloud. Electronic devices are connected in some way either to a smartphone/tablet or to the cloud/remote server. Our expert software engineers and hardware team works hard to find sensors, communication nodes, and network partners to enable you to have a sheer focus on your business requirements.

IoT Hardware and Software

Solutions For Your Organization

At Oriona Global, we provide ready-to-go IoT hardware and software solutions for energy and utilities, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, public sector, and transportation industries.

Smart Home Automation Kit

With our smart home automation kit, simply turn your home into a smart home! Convert your existing home switches, appliances or any other into smart & integrate the all-in-one app/device and make routine tasks easier.

Smart Locks

Smart locks that lock and unlock your office, home or hotel doors with keypad, fingerprints, smartphone Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, and share virtual keys with your guests, friends, employees, and families.

Smart Thermostat

Monitor temperature & humidity along with controlling any IR remote-based device such as AC, TV, Setup-box or other using a smartphone for the next-generation smart home.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

Smart Automated Mobile Robots to handle a variety of functions within the business facility, and they contain sensors and software which enable them to track data to provide feedback and encourage improvement.

Tech Stack

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