Oriona Global pioneers in delivering industry-focused IoT Mobile App Development Solutions with the least possible turnaround time. Our IoT Mobile App Developers build an IoT-based assets and its ecosystem that intelligently interconnects people, processes, assets, and systems.

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The Next Level with IoT Mobile App Development

Ranging from IoT App Consulting to Testing and Deployment, we provide all services; including, Mobile end-user apps, iBeacon App development, M2M communications, Backend & API development and others.

IoT Application Development

Hi-end IoT Mobile Application Development Services to turn ordinary devices into smart devices, where devices exchange data without any person involved e.g. Smart Home Development.

Wearable App Development

Data-driven Android and iOS Mobile Apps that connect with wearable devices such as a watch, fitness band, shoes, and even clothing material e.g. AR / VR apps, Smart bands, etc.

Voice-Enabled Apps

Develop apps that  think and implement voice-control mechanisms in their user experience in line with voice command and smart audio controlled environments e.g. Alexa App development, AWS/ Azure Integration with Amazon Echo.

Raspberry Pi for IoT

Advice on IoT App ideas to use Raspberry Pi or Arduino For Prototyping or to build Proof of concept as it is all in one hardware which is easy to program and prototype e.g. Arduino-based Solutions, Raspberry Pi Solutions.

Tech Stack

For IoT-based Mobile App Solutions