Automation in IoT

Integrated Safety and Security Solutions

Under the umbrella of IoT, an integrated safety and security system is linked to other products and systems that you may have, for example –  CCTV, automatic number plate recognition and key lockers or similar others. Integration not only makes monitoring and updating easier but also makes reporting smoother. The integrated safety and security system acts as a hub, enabling you to integrate and operate all your systems from one central place and easily control access via doors, lifts, turnstiles, car park barriers as well as allow you to monitor real-time events.

Businesses in various industries like healthcare, finance, education, government, hospitality, etc are prone to range unique security threats and challenges which can be best met through strategic and integrated safety and security solutions. Create highly bespoke safety and security systems, incorporating multiple third-party products to control access and security across one or many sites at local, national and even international levels.

Video Surveillance

We offer the experience and expertise to design, install, service and monitor the right video surveillance system, that suits your business, to capture and document security events on your premises.

Access Control

We provide best-in-class active and passive access control system, on-site and off-site, to protect assets and cyber access control systems to protect sensitive information.

Intrusion Alarm

We help you protect your people and property with easy-to-use alarm systems that integrate seamlessly with video cameras, smoke alarms, home automation devices, and more.

Fire Alarm

We can build a cloud-based system, for you, that uses sensors (hardware) to detect fire and alert the user through the internet and is maintained and monitored using a simple Android mobile app.

Tech Stack

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