Oriona Global provides consultancy and Integration solutions for Integration Command Control Centre for assets monitoring, control and manage these from one roof.  Based on our extensive experience to provide the best in class services of Infrastructure and enable real-time monitoring of Security, Traffic and City Utilities.

Collation of Information and Collaborative

Monitoring with ICCC Solutions

Our integrated command control center solutions provide organizations with effective, secure and thorough oversight of their sites during both ordinary and emergency situations.


Command control UI incorporation with GIS to create and update graphics live on the production system and monitor potential threats in real-time.

Video Surveillance

Intelligent IP video surveillance and virtual video walls solutions to keep an eye on routine operations along with live-monitoring, real-time alerts, redundant video archiving and video analysis.

Communication Solutions

Continuous monitoring of communication paths like intercom systems and mobile radios to enable security operators to respond to threats efficiently and quickly.

Access Control

Help organizations to deploy advanced biometrics, personal identity verification, personnel badging, intelligent access controllers, vehicle control, and various card access solutions.

Life Safety, Security and Access Control

Help organizations to deploy advanced Life Safety system alarms monitoring like Fire Alarm, Gas Detection, Lift Alarms, etc.  For security biometrics, personal identity verification, intelligent access controllers, Physical and logical security solution with various card access systems.

Tech Stack

For Integrated Command Control Centre