At Oriona Global, our skilled and groomed IoT and M2M experts guide you on developing a Remote Chiller Monitoring System to prevent chiller breakdowns across your organization. We also walk hand in hand with you to initiate the steps for preventive maintenance to avoid chiller equipment breakdowns. In all, we leverage our vast experience in chiller management to track breakdowns in well advance and avoid unexpected failures and unavailability of spare parts. A number of OEMs have already deployed smart chiller management systems that feed a central command center which is manned by the OEMs experts. Are you ready too?

Consultation on Chiller Management Systems

For Your Organization

Chillers are the biggest contributor to energy costs in HVAC. As a part of the energy monitoring system, our consultancy on a chiller management system can help your organization to identify off-design operations & possible system defects in real-time, and intimate the operators to take corrective actions.

Prediction Beforehand

Easily predict when a chiller will go down, or when it’s running at less than peak performance that results in unexpected expenses and that’s how we help you move from preventive to predictive maintenance.

Real-time Reports & Dashboards

IoT gateways gather data from the system and send it to a Big Data-based cloud platform for real-time data processing, complex event processing, and storage for batch processing.

Improve Chiller Operating Efficiency

Smart connected chillers mean fewer disruptions, reduced downtime, longer equipment life, and enhanced chiller operating efficiency, which can be achieved by using machine learning techniques and Internet of Things (IoT) data.

Efficient HVAC Systems

Design new chiller management techniques to improve the energy efficiency of HVAC systems & ultimately pave the way for reducing overall building energy consumption, carbon footprint and operating electricity costs.

Tech Stack

For Chiller Management Systems