Oriona Global is a team of highly qualified energy professionals. We are known as a leading Energy Conservation & Sustainability Consultant company across the globe.  Energy is one of the most important aspects of any household, agriculture, industries or any other sectors. Effective energy management and its proper and intelligent conservation is equally a crucial task for any organization. At Oriona, we collaborate with varied industries, trade associations, non-profit and government bodies; and, our aim is to make the planet a greener and cleaner place and help the nation in its sustainable development.

Consultation on Smart Energy Management & Smart Energy Conservation

For Your Organization

Our consultancy on Energy Management and Energy Saving takes care of all components and every part of the electric supply chain network, starting from power generation to the point when consumers pay their electricity bills. Here’s how you can save energy, for your organization,  with the help of the Internet of Things.

Energy Management Systems

Monitor, manage and control processes, assets & resources in the supply chain. These systems include controls, smart meters, sensor-enabled assets, applications, and analytics tools.

Green Energy Adoption

Adoption of IoT-based residential solar systems, wind turbines,  renewable power systems help save energy, as well as reduce carbon footprint and contribute to the environment conservation initiative.

Storage/Conservation of Energy

Smart storage and electricity metering solutions with monitoring and management capabilities, which also simplifies the adoption of solar in residential as well as commercial building.

Smart Lighting and HVAC

Smart lighting, learning thermostats and sensor-based HVAC systems  to avoid using expensive energy at the peak load time and dynamically adjust the regimes  as required.

Tech Stack

For Smart Energy Management