Graphic designing for the IoT involves designing for voice-activated tools and actions and this type of design is aptly called VUX and VUI (Voice User Experience and Voice User Interface). Our design approach is customer-centric. At Oriona Global, our graphics experts always view the customer’s needs as a crucial consideration throughout the IoT product development or solutions building process. Graphics and visual computing technologies have an important role in many industries like manufacturing and production. Visual imaging, either video stream or rendered graphics, requires significant bandwidth to deliver. Especially, they embark a significant journey in new Industry 4.0 scenarios with intelligent machines, human-robot collaboration, and learning factories. Further, the agile workflow of software development intersects with the funnel process of product design, where not every hardware mistake is fixable and recalls are expensive. The role of graphics in IoT isn’t negligible, but quite significant. Do you know what magic can the right graphics bring in the overall IoT development?

Graphic design and IOT development

For Your Organization

Designers for the Internet of Things are mostly UX and UI designers but graphic designers and technical designers are also involved in the process.

Visual Modelling

To build smart urban models, the IoT environment requires the system to adopt new technologies dynamically. IoT-Based 3D Visualisation Platform efficiently manages the Smart City Ecosystem. 3D visualization can be swiveled and navigated in an augmented reality mode.

Wearable Graphics

For wearables development, graphic designers can create a design that is visually pleasing but at the same time, it is user-friendly and provides a functional experience. Graphics of popular wearables like  Fitbit, Nike Fuel Band or Google Glass even work well without screens.

UI, UX, & VUX Design

Designers are involved in the initial sketching of the physical device. GD works closely with connectivity developers to design the perfect device that will also require UX and VUX design for it to work properly.

Animations & Visual Effects

When it comes to creating animations and visual effects, graphic designers possess a new perspective with connectivity in mind from the start, reframing how electronics and software combine and interact.

Data Analysis & Visualisation

The method in which the data from the device is collected is also part of the design process, mostly the job of developers & data scientists. Using the information collected, data designers create data visualizations for various purposes.