Automation in IoT

Integrated Building Management Solutions

We are pioneer in providing a single platform, integrated building management solution,  that controls and integrates entire building management systems into a unified whole over an IP network. We use open and legacy communication drivers to communicate with the legacy systems and integrate them into a unified system. Now, control, monitor and manage your building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as heating and ventilation, Fire Alarm systems, Power Monitoring systems, Lighting Control system, and security systems with our scalable intelligent building management solutions. Our customized building management solutions also include disaster-response mechanisms (such as base isolation). Get a greater efficiency, more secured and responsive building environment and lowered operating costs.  The building and maintenance team can manage their assets 24 X7 through the control room solution. Which help them to achieve their KPI, SLA and Periodic maintenance activity.

Control and monitor all your systems through a single interface that can be accessed onsite through a touchscreen workstation or remotely over the Internet using a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or other mobile devices. The smart building automation system software can control air quality control, lighting control, elevators and escalators, power monitoring, fire & life safety systems/smoke evacuation, energy management, & others.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

A system designed to cool a room/area based on ambient temperature, to maintain the comfort level with energy-saving policy.

Elevators and Escalators

Intelligent lifting systems for your smart buildings equipped with surveillance cameras on each floor, which constantly capture & record everything, operate in a cost-effective manner with minimal interruption of customer loads.

Building Condition Monitoring

We deploy IOT sensor networks at scale across premises to enable real-time monitoring of system performance and tolerances, creating intelligent machines and whole manufacturing lines for fault detection, diagnostics and prognostics.

Air Quality Control

We deploy the latest IoT indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring modules, and microsensors to provide real-time monitoring of indoor environments for enhanced living environments and occupational health.

Tech Stack

For Intelligent Building Management System