Automation of Industrial

Internet of Things (IoT)

We, at oriona Global, can help you build a system that will automatically monitor your entire industrial applications and generate Alerts/Alarms or take intelligent decisions using the concept of IoT. IoT has given us a promising way to build powerful industrial systems with advanced graphics and applications by using advanced devices and sensors.

Practical use cases of

IoT in Industrial Automation

With the Internet of Things, almost all in sectors from home to industries, automation through IoT devices are making significant and remarkable changes in their day to day processes.

Automation of Repetitive Processes

With IIoT, industries can automate almost all processes and routine repetitive tasks. IoT-enabled smart sensor networks, which are connected to a cloud system / local system can offer a great amount of control on your processes.

Smart Logistics Management

With IoT devices, components can be tracked easily and one can efficiently handle inventory management. Transport drones can greatly help logistics management and improve speed, efficiency, and safety.

Maintenance of Machines and Assets

Automation with the help of IoT provides signals before the actual breakdown of machines. The maintenance warning will be given to help you to plan the tasks and make predictive maintenance easier and possible.

Data Analytics with Custom Software

AI and ML when they join hands with IoT, data analytics with the help of sensors becomes much easier and it optimizes the overall processes of an organization as a whole by making data-driven decisions.

Tech Stack

Industrial Automation (IoT)