Our integrated guest room automation solutions connect the entire electronic devices to control the guest room temperature, drapes and adjusts lighting. We also make sure that our integrated guest room solutions communicate with other hotel server-based systems, like Building Automation Systems,  Property Management Systems, Central Electronic Locking Systems, and similar, Fire Alarm System, Energy Management Systems, Chiller (or) Boiler Management System and others. We can help you enhance the guest comfort through smart phones, tablet, and google assistant (or) alexa. which enable them to operate all the room systems in their guest room such as TV, AC, lights, temperature, curtains, music system comfortably from their bed/sofa with a touch. Elevate your guest experience!

Things You Can Expect From

Integrated Guest Room Automation Solutions

Create smart hotels, create smart guest rooms to provide your guests with a personalized experience and take your hospitality business solutions at the next level with IoT and Automation.

Voice Technology

Enhance operational productivity, automation and guest services with in-room tablets and customizable voice-request skills, that possess the ability to request services, place orders, and request information. In all allow guests to control through their smartphone or tablet.

Real-time Request Management

The cloud-based platform allows Facility operators (or) Maintenance team to monitor and manage guest rooms from different hotels in real-time, access live reports and set controls based on room occupancy, floor by floor.

Property Management

Monitor, Control and Manage the HVAC based on occupancy to reduce energy costs, attend to guest’s requests instantly for enhanced services, fast cool room air-conditioning for comfort when the guest checks-in, monitor guest’s departure for cleaning service etc.

Service Call System

Integration with the ‘Service Call System’ that automatically pages for the hotel staff with the guest’s name and room number, thus ensuring minimal response time when the guest activates the service panel.

Tech Stack

For Integrated Guest Room Solutions